Update! MSI Be a PRO with Fnatic : the completely free event, NBS fans can’t miss it

8 Jul 10 - By l

Let?s update with the coming event that is MSI Be a PRO with Fnatic. It has to be said that you must not miss it anyways.

Let?s keep continuing with the world class gaming team?s Fnatic that is gonna come to Thailand. They are going to join the Training camp also. You will be invited to join in this ecent with various FPS games from world class team. There will be a seminars and activities about Counter Strike on 10-11 July 2010.

All free for this event, If you want to join do as follows; by register : http://apps.facebook.com/msi_fnatic/

Real competition to find out, who wins in the cyberworld with headshot, might be kill on real world

The tip & trick will be concerning and training by Fnatic with one-by-one. You will see how they are playing step-by-step.

5-stars hotel for 1 night, and you pay for nothing

There will be 2 pretty girls coming with you, don?t be afraid of men fest.

If you stay nearby, you will be invited also.

For this event, MSI G-series will be launched. If you want to touch the real one, join us. Lots of souvenirs is waiting. Register @ http://apps.facebook.com/msi_fnatic/ It is limited people to join, come first, gets first.

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