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Review MSI GT660 [Ultima Gaming]

11 Jun 10 - By l


At first, you can see that this device is very special one in the thailand market. Even if it is not available, but thai people still look forward to these kinds of gaming machine with outstanding specifications. For MSI in thailand, they are trying to concern about the gaming market which is now growing up everyday.


As you can see in the picture above, MSI GT660 powered by Intel Core i7-720QM Processor with its speed clock 1.60 GHz and cache 6 MB.i7-720QM features with Turbo boost and Hyperthreading, it acts out of its power. The given Ram is 6 GB (2 GB x 3 slots) DDR3.The top best will be graphic card from Nvidia Geforce GTX 285M with 1 GB DDR3 VRAM. For gaming, it is to be considered as the top gaming mobility right now. A splitted harddisk 500 GB x 2 7200 RPM that can be applied Raid function. Others will be 16? HD widescreen with resolution 1,366 x 768 pixels. The power comes with reponsibility also, its weight is main thing we do not need .. 3.5 Kg. The special features are containing of DYNAAUDIO that is going to give you a premium sound with its Subwoofer that you are not gonna hear before and new technology of transferring with USB 3.0 built-in. The webcam is modified as HD. All ports is given. You won?t need anything more, it is like the desktop replacement. Another good thing is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. That?s it MSI GT660, the perfect gaming notebook one. Furthermore, we will take you to see more interested things below,

Let?s start with adapter, see how big it is.. , exactly it is not for 14 inches laptop.


The Gaming Mouse that is included in the package. Black style is very blending with MSI GT660. The HDMI cable is also loaded in the box.


Mini CD driver is also given.


Gaming Bag new style,



At first topic, it is all about the exterior and first looking.


For cover, don?t even think it is Alienware please! , it is still MSI GT660 which is designed similar to Alienware in the back cover. The LEDs will be aside of the screen with orange color. The cover body is actually blending of plastic, so it is not quite hard if you press on it. Focusing on the name plated, it looks very awesome and gets along well with other parts. MSI GT660 regards as the best gaming-design machine of MSI, with high performance of gaming. The joints between the screen and its base are also good quality and stay inside avoiding any crashes.

Aluminium joints at both sides make MSI GT660 get stronger.


This view, you can see how thick of the screen comparing to its base.



The front LEDs will be attached on the left and right of the front?-base like a headlight-car. It is orange color also.


As you see below, the base is quite thick and there are tripods for rising the bottom of the case. This wil make MSI GT660 better ventilation. There will be USB 3.0 2 ports beside the air passage, we will talk about that later.


Another back cover, MSI GT660 comes with 16? inches screen count as good for gaming and working.


Open slightly,


Try pull it to reach maximum wideness that is around 170-180 degrees. The screen-case is slightly not a square, the facets are in the 4 corners.


Comparing to the Commart?s book, MSI GT660 will be bigger as shown below,


Another comparison for giving you an idea that how MSI GT660 is, with placing close to the DVD box.


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